Harvest and make wine together with us in this Virtual 360o Tour and taste the wine we made together. Wear the goggles, put in your smartphone and explore our world. After the virtual tour, taste our selection of organic and autochthonous wines, our bestsellers, together with their matched wine glasses.

An elegant tasting box for those who want to know our winery or give away a new “experience”.


  • Exclusive access to the 360° Virtual Tour (available in English and Italian) – move around and see how we harvest, embottle and much more;
  • 3 organic and autochthonous wines, the Best Sellers from our winery – Elegans (Pignoletto – sparkling), Pino Lieto (Grechetto Gentile – still white) and L’Aleaugust Cru (red Sangiovese), in 375ml format;
  • 3 wine glasses matched to each wine, in order to taste it at its best. Each glass enhances and highlights the peculiarities of the wine – the flûte protects the bubbles, the Viognier for the white wines and the balloon as a decanter for the red.
  • Our elegant wooden box;
  • The instructions for the kit;
  • The Brochure for the sensory properties of the wines;

+ for free the cardboard goggles, that you can use with your smartphone to enter our world.

FOR SHIPMENTS OUT OF EUROPE: Special heat-treated boxes are available, that are marked with the phytosanitary certificate necessary for exportation.


Standard, Termica + marchio fitosanitario