Cantine Zuffa

Welcome to everyone in Heart, if you've come to this site because 'it was written in the fate we met. It was a fate to tell you who we are, what we believe, what is our dream and what do we do to achieve it! With the words "Zuffa Anima di Vino Italiano" I tried to tell you all this.


Via Sellustra 9 Imola
Cap 40026 – Emilia Romagna

Info di contatto

Email: info@cantinezuffa.it
Tel: +39 0542 40228

Do you want to make a gift? Combine the “Zuffa” wineglass with your favorite wine. Our wooden cases will make your present perfect and unique.

Characteristics: wineglass marked “Vini Zuffa”, for white still, passito/ Eiswein, and red wine.

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