Grapes: selected Albana, dried directly on the plant
Colour: bright golden yellow
Ageing: 24 months in small oak barrels, made of wood coming from the Allier forests
Vintage: 2012
Bouquet: apricot jam, dried plum and almond
Taste: warm, consistent and persistent
Food matching: biscuits or delicate pastry
Serving temperature: 14ºC

Awards: 3º ranked in the “Rassegna Internazionale dei Vini passiti, liquorosi e Eiswein
(2012)” (“International competition for passito, dessert wines and Eiswein”) with the vintage 2008

History: Elisa Albana Passito has been created in the year 2000 in memory of Elisa, the greatgrandmother
of Augusto, with whom he had a special bond.
The wine recalls what Augusto remembers with pleasure of his childhood: the apricot jam on his
bun, the marmalade, the caramelized figs, the fresh biscuits coming right from the oven… the
loving and caring gestures that he received when he was a little child, and that are recalled to his
memory with every sip of this wine.

Organic Certified
The wine does not contain complex chemical products, responsible for the typical “headache” that
you can get the day after.
By drinking our wines you won’t get this side effect, being an organic product certified by Suolo e
Salute and by the European organic certification authority

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