Do you want to make a gift? You don’t have time to wrap it up? Or do you have a collection of wine cases? Match the wine to its elegant wooden box. The wine will stand out even more in its special case, wrapped in natural straw.

Create your favorite match. You can also combine one bottle with the “Vini Zuffa” marked wineglass.

Suitable wine: Aleaugust Cru (formats 0,75 liters and 0,375 liters), Aleaugust Blanc, Animi Motum, Brut Historia, Doux Historia, Calanco, Concentum, Elegans (formats 0,75 liters and 0,375 liters), Emozione, Finitum, Infinitum, Mustumuvae, Per Mamma, Pino Lieto (formats 0,75 liters and 0,375 liters), Rosé Historia, Sillaro, Vinea Zuffa Expo 2015, Voluptas.

Characteristics: wood, wood burned and left with its natural colour

FOR SHIPMENTS OUT OF EUROPE: Special heat-treated boxes are available, that are marked with the phytosanitary certificate necessary for exportation. Extra cost per box: +0,20 €

Tipo Cassa

Standard, Termica + marchio fitosanitario

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