Grapes: 10 clones of Sangiovese Riserva
Colour: deep ruby red
Ageing: 30 months in oak barrels, made of wood coming from the Allier forests
Vintage: 2012
Bouquet: tuscan tobacco, wild rose and pink pepper
Taste: warm, full-bodied, rich of fragrance from spiced fruit
Food matching: braised meat, boiled and grilled meat
Serving temperature: 16ºC

Extra: the wine comes with its wooden box (wood burned), information paper and a special tag.

With this wine we represented Italy at the Expo 2015 in Milan and at the Bio-Organic Lifestyle 2016
in Bruxelles at the European Parliament.

Vinea Zuffa Expo 2015 is the result of an in-depth agronomic, enological and medical study, from
which we obtained a wine that contains 22 natural microelements that are necessary to balance
the absorption of those substances that are essential to feed ourselves. Also, the microelements
are necessary to transform these essential substances into energy inside the mitochondrians,
which are proper “energetic centres” that exist in every cell of the human body. This study, which is
also indicated in the attached label, has been carried out by the Director of the Scientific Research
Antonio Monti for the medical part and by Augusto Zuffa, Director of the Agronomic and Enological
Research, for the enological part.
Each bottle is unique: this is why each one has a progressive number from 1 to 3300.

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